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What is the cheapest booking price?

Usually on our website online with credit card payment in advance, the more flexible and without a card the more expensive. It is a little more expensive on the phone and the most expensive are the OTA online portals such as hrs, Expadia, and others.

Can I park my car at Schwarzer Bock?

The Schwarzer Bock has four own parking spaces directly in front of the house in the pedestrian zone, which can be reserved by credit card: Close to the house there are more than 2,000 parking lots in a 800m area. The parking spaces can be booked from check-in at 3 p.m. to check-out at 11 a.m. At an small extra fee it is possible longer or more early as well.

Can I check in earlier than 3p.m. or check out later than 11a.m.?

Check-in is normally at 3:00 p.m., we offer early check-in, luggage drop and early parking for an additional charge. Late check-out or longer parking is also possible at an additional cost and availivility.

Do the rooms have great views?

Almost all of them yes, most of the rooms have a view of the historic margravial chancellery, the garden or to the "Reitbahn" the former cavalry exercise arena close to the Margravial Residence. Some rooms face the next house or the inner courtyard without a special view; they are also particularly cheaper for having no special view.

Is breakfast possible without gluten or lactose products?

Yes, our breakfast can be ordered with gluten-free rolls and rolls for an additional charge and please some request ahead - if you'll tell us at arrival Saturday and all gluten free rolls are already booked, we hav no chance to purchase some. Lactose-free milk can be ordered three days in advance for an additional charge and with advance notice.

Is the black buck family-friendly?

Yes, we offer connecting rooms, rooms with fixed baby beds and a play room.

Is the Schwarzer Bock suitable for couples?

Yes, couples can spend relaxing time in the Schwarzer Bock. We offer romantic candle light dinner and room service.

Is the Schwarzer Bock suitable for allergy sufferers?

Yes, we offer laminate, feather-free pillows and hygiene encasings for beds and pillows in the newly renovated rooms. For reasons of liability, we do cook in the restaurant for guests without medical indication only.

Vintage cars and motorcyclists are welcome in the Schwarzer Bock?

Yes, motorcyclists, bikers and vintage cars drivers are very welcome. On request, you can have a room with your valuable vehicle parked directly under your window and you have everything in view. We do have a drying room for motorcyclists.

Is there air conditioning?

Yes, something similar: our rooms in the garden house are overgrown with real wine, which cools the facade and the room in summer by about 6-10 ° C to the outside temperature, so you don't need environmentally damaging air condition. In summer we almost always opened the airy garden instead of the restaurant. As a sustainable Hotel we think we live very well since thousands of years without energy wasting chillers, cooling down a room in summer to winter temperatures while destroying our world.

Are pets allowed in the Schwarzer Bock?

Yes, dogs and cats are welcome to bring along at a surcharge and upon request. In the restaurant, dogs are allowed to lie under the table, the chair or the bench. No pets allowed on beds, chairs, benches please. Please use a leash in house and garden always.

Is the Schwarzer Bock a romantic hotel?

Yes, we think that we have a great romantic atmosphere and there is a lot of romance in the hotel, especially the margravines and themed rooms are very romantic. The Boutique Hotel Schwarzer Bock is a member of the exclusive group of  "Historic Hotels of Europe" and Premium Hotel at Burgenstrasse Hotels.

Does the Schwarzer Bock have an elevator or lift?

The rooms in the Garden House are almost at ground level and have acces via two steps only. We are handicapped accessible according to level Ai (wheelchair users with helping person). Therefore we do not think we need a lift for most guests, please ask us for special needs, we try to guarantee a room at Garden House.

How old is the Hotel Schwarzer Bock Ansbach?

The Schwarzer Bock builds on foundations from around 1100 and the main house was probably built shortly after 1500, our new building the Garden House dates from 1906. Since we are under strict monument and ensemble protection we have no elevator but only two steps to the Garden House.