Schwarzer Bock

Motorcycle, Bicycle Holidays or Stalking on Roe Deer

Hunting at Schwarzer Bock Revier

We do hunt exclusively at the at local village ground of about 2.600 acres close to Schwarzer Bock with forest, lakes and some hills up to 550 metres. We do hunt for meat for our kitchen as well as to fulfill the request for a stable forest. We do hunt strongly addicted to the rules of traditional hunting in Bavaria and Germany called "Waidgerechtigkeit".
If you are Hotel guest at Schwarzer Bock and like to help us gaining some meet for the kitchen, you'll need a German hunting license. For usual it is easy to get, as long as you have a hunting permit in your home country and can proof this - please check with us before booking. You also need to proof your shooting skills.
We mainly do hunt Stand hunt on roe deer, drive hunt on roe deer and boar with our Cocker Spaniels and on ducks. The fee for a 14day licence starts at Euro 15,00 for the guest hunting licence. Contact us for further requests. Seasons are presently in Bavaria:

  • Roe Buck: 1st of May - 15th of October
  • Roe deer female: 1st of September - 15th of January (we close earlier)
  • Boar: - all year depending on age
  • Ducks: - 1st of September - 15th of January (we will not send at minus degrees and very cold water our dogs for duck hunting)
  • Hare, Snipe and Partridge we do have in our grounds but do not hunt them regular due to low population

Motor- & Bicycle and Horseback Holidays at Schwarzer Bock

We are well known as a home for bike tourist travelling the Altmühl and Danube rivers or for water divide way between Rhine and Danube or even just for a stopover on your way to the Alps.

We offer rooms to dry clothes, helmets and other gear, offer power supply for your pedelec or a place for your motor cycle.
We are just some five minutes away from Franconian Equestrian Centre. We do not offer own horses but help with all questions about your stay during trainings and classes at the Pferde Zentrum Franken.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us.