Schwarzer Bock

About Us - Welcome at Appel-Fuhrmann's Schwarzer Bock!

Welcome in Ansbach: Meike & Christian, our children and Hunting Cocker Spaniels welcome you in the heart of the Rococo City of Franconia. We had been travelling the world for business. When our children were born, we decided to skip our jobs in Hospitality and Automotive Industry and settle at one place. So we bought the Schwarzer Bock - best translation is perhaps "Black Billy Goat" in Ansbach. We know how stressful travelling can be, so we wold like to give you a cozy home on time in a historic house in a modern baroque style. Relax in a historic house and take a breath of the good old Bavarian Gasthaus Tradition. Even if we are called "Hotel&Restaurant", we are more a small cozy Inn, where locals as well as our family dine in the same guest room as travellers, where you're known by name and not by number. Every room is different by size and by story - a truly historic place. We work stustainable and care about environment, so we do strictly stay to products of our homelands Palatonia and Franconia, care for short ways and fresh products, wherever possible in ecoligical quality.

Meike ist the the landlady and owner of Schwarzer Bock. She is from Ludwigshafen in Palatonia and travelled with her parents the world. After a one year lasting traineeship at Grand Hyatt Jakarta she studied hotel management and operations in Leysin Switzerland and was working more than a decade for an American hotel company in different management positions. Meike can help you in fluent spoken English, Spanish and in French Language. Meike carries on the traditions of Palatonians in Ansbach: Ansbach had been been home for many Palatonians, long befor Meike came to Ansbach, in the time when the 2.Royal Bavarian Ulan Lancers and later the 17.Cavallery was stationed in Ansbach and Schwarzer Bock was the Officers' Mess. As the last Guesthouse in Ansbach we do carry on  the tradition of Palatonian dishes and wines beside the local Bavarian and Franconian Cuisine..

Christian was in Automotive Industries as a Quality and Export Manager and is now supporting his wife and is operating the Hotels own hunting grounds, where fresh sustainable game for the restaurant is gained. Christian born and risenin Bavaria and Franconia and partly grew up in southern Austria - he can help you with historic and sightseeing tips in the region.
He is your Guide you if you like to go out for hunting at Schwarzer Bock Ansbach

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