Hotel & Restaurant Ansbach 's Schwarzer Bock
Authentisch Ansbach - Hotel Schwarzer Bock & Gasthaus Bock

How to get to  Schwarzer Bock Ansbach

Parking & Arrival

Arrival - please note reception close latest at 10p.m. - late arrivals must get in contact ahead for key deposit.

Deutsche Bahn - Schwarzer Bock, just some  800 Meter from railway station Bahnhof.

Car - Parking and E-Car Loading:

Arriving by car you are allowed to drive into the pedestrian zone (it's written in German on signs).

E-Car-Loading is free of charge for hotel guests during your stay.

Restaurant guests from Euro 10,00. Available if our loading point is available only, no right to load your vehicle guaranteed. Type 2 socket at 22,4Kw/h with solar energy for eco friendly loading from our combined garden sun-shade solar system.

Parking at Schwarzer Bock

We do have four own parking lots in front of our house, they can not be reserved and are free of charge - at any other places beside, opposite or anywhere else in the pedestrian zone your car will be fined and towed away.
The city has plenty public parkings close by. They are for usual free of charge from 6p.m. to 8.a.m and Saturday free from 2p.m. , Sunday and public Bavarian holidays complete free of charge. For seasonal resrictions like festivals, city markets, flooding during heavy rain pay attention to signs!

  • 99 parking lots "Reitbahn" 50 to 80 metres from Schwarzer Bock. Google Maps Link
  • 1.000 parking lots "Altstadtparkplatz / Rezatparkplatz" 20 to 800 metres from Schwarzer Bock. Here maps Link
  • Fee appears always, long term parking available: 520 parking lots "Bahnhofparkhaus", 700 metres from Schwarzer Bock, 24h Euro 1,00, week fare, available, prepayment up to 30 days, Google Maps Link
  • completely free of charge 300 parking lots "Aquella", 1,2Km from Schwarzer Bock, caravan parking, Google Maps Link

No guarantee for information given on this site, changes might appear, further official info: Parkinfo der Stadt Ansbach