Hotel & Restaurant Ansbach 's Schwarzer Bock
Authentisch Ansbach - Historic Boutique Hotel & Gasthaus Schwarzer Bock

Breakfast at Schwarzer Bock - Organic, Regional, Sustainable

  • 12,95€ - for our breakfast, if there is no direct booking via Schwarzerbock. Out of home guests or bookings via hrs / booking / / expedia / etc. These are always without breakfast.
  • 7,95€ - Children's price Euro from 4-12 years
  • 0.00€ - children under 4 are free. Early regional & sustainable piece: Strengthened start to the day, in Ansbach's Hotel Schwarzer Bock on request to vegetarian or gluten-free rolls!
  • Whether you are the early bird with a quick coffee with a degradable organic coffe capsule in you room or the extended regional gourmet breakfasts - our breakfast is regional & sustainable! Advanced reservation required.

Breakfast Times: Mo-Fr 07:00-10:00 / Sat,Sun & Bavarian Holidays 08:00-10:00

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  • SchwarzerBock_Ansbach_Frühstück_Saft
  • SchwarzerBock_Ansbach_Frühstück_Eier
  • Frühstück_Schwarzerbock_Ansbach_Obstsalat
  • Frühstück_Schwarzerbock_Ansbach_Croissant
  • Frühstück_Schwarzerbock_Ansbach_Regional_Saefte
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Responsibility starts very early, right in the morning at breakfast with fairtrade, organic and regional products on request also gluten-free - Schwarzer Bock Ansbach:

  • All coffee products are Fair Trade and Organic Certified
  •  Tea from the former Royal Bavarian Purveyor of the Court Eilles    
  • Local Juices from Franconia, Swabia and the Palatinate
  • Orchard fruit juices from our regional buffet partner Hesselberger     Honey from our regional buffet beekeeper
  • Jams & Marmelades organic from Franconia
  • Eggs from our Regional Buffet Poultry Farmer
  • Bread rolls and bread mostly organic certified     Cheese from our regional buffet partners Lehrmolkerei Weihenstephan / Triesdorf and Schmalzmühle Familie König     Sausages from local butchers     Gluten-free baked goods on reservation (min 2 days) and subject to availability for house and out-of-house guests with 20 minutes waiting time and surcharge € 3,90 (for 2 gluten-free rolls / rolls / Weckerl in allergen bag), please order gluten-free reservation by mail.